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6 Sep

6 Factors That Add Value To Vintage Rolex Watches

Turns out that vintage Rolex watches are actually a great investment! The value of vintage Rolex timepieces has continued to spike in recent years, making enthusiasts increasingly keen on getting their hands on one. But before you can even dream of getting one of these valuable pieces, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for.

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We know what it means to own a vintage Rolex, as it is not only a testament to your appreciation for horological excellence but also a potential investment. And understanding what makes them valuable and increases their price can be a key factor if you ever decide to sell your vintage Rolex or even buy one.

Therefore, in this blog, we’ll walk through some factors that significantly enhance the worth of vintage Rolex timepieces.

6 Factors That Increase The Value Of Vintage Rolex

1. Rare Dials

Pay attention to what you see on the dial. Do you find something unusual? Well, that’s your winning point. In many cases, the dials of vintage Rolex pieces can significantly add to their value as they are rare. For instance, dials with some visual mistakes can add serious value that you wouldn’t get for an otherwise ‘normal’ vintage dial.

Moreover, some Rolex watches are commissioned by companies like Tiffany & Co. and have the brand name written on the dial. Such unusual pieces can significantly enhance the value and fetch higher premiums when you sell Rolex.

2. Patina is Good

How the dial of the Rolex watch has aged with time can also increase its value considerably. For example, in many cases, the dials naturally fade from black to brown and are called ‘tropical’ dials, which are highly in-demand among vintage watch collectors. Even though this ageing process might look dirty or old at first glance, they are ultra-collectable.

It is said that during 1985, Rolex had an imperfection in their paint blending process, due to which the white dials turned to creamy white dials with time. Today, such patina dials are hard to find and highly collectable. So, next time you discard a Rolex saying, it has an uncleaned dial, take a moment to reconsider!

3. The Right Production Year

Rolex has created millions of watches over the years, and it is nearly impossible to remember all the dates and years or even the reference numbers. But what you can do is remember the good years. For example, if you’re shopping for a particular model, say, the Submariner Ref. 1680, you can go through its history and find out the year during which the dials got an upgrade from Mark I to Mark VII. The Submariner Ref. 1680 had a red line of text on the dial, which is highly desirable today. So, watch out for the production year of that dial and start getting excited when you see some red.

Tip: Check from 1967-1975, the earliest batch of the Submariner 1680.

4. Documentation

The papers, box and other documentation, help you trace the line of origin and can mean big in the secondary market. While many Rolex owners tend to misplace the original documentation, retaining them can add great value to the timepiece, especially if it’s a vintage Rolex. The papers attest to the authenticity and credibility of the Rolex. Therefore, if they’re included, it could fetch some real value if you ever sell your vintage Rolex.

5. It’s Condition

Evaluating the condition of a vintage Rolex is important to determine its value. There are many cases in which you might mistake a damaged dial with a patina. Similarly, it’s important to note that not all brown dials should be classified as tropical dials. These two are distinctly different. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, an unpolished Rolex can hold a higher value than the one polished during servicing or repair.

Some marks and scratches are expected in a vintage timepiece worn for years. Vintage watches with minimal tear, even after years of wear, are worth more than the same timepiece with more wear and tear. This is how important it is to consider the condition of the watch.

6. Original Parts

Vintage watch collectors are enthusiastic about original watch parts. Replacing the vintage parts of your Rolex with new ones won’t necessarily increase its value. For example, the original dial, movement or bezel of a vintage Rolex watch is way more valuable than the watch that has been rebuilt with new parts.

Get The Best Offer When You Sell Your Vintage Rolex 

If you have a vintage Rolex that you’d want to sell, you must get in touch with professionals in the industry. Not all Rolex watches are made the same, and only an expert with the right knowledge can help you acquire the best price for your watch.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, several other things play an active role in determining how much you get by selling your vintage gem. At Luxbrokers, we have a fair and transparent appraisal process and offer the absolute best price for any vintage Rolex timepiece sold to us. Our ability to offer instant Rolex valuations and same-day payment makes us the best place to sell vintage Rolex watches.

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