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4 Jun

8 Things That Can Increase The Value Of Your Cartier Watch

Cartier is a renowned luxury brand that has produced several iconic watch models for centuries. Due to the length and breadth of the Cartier watch catalogue, selling a Cartier timepiece could result in vastly different outcomes depending on the model. While some popular Cartier models typically hold their value really well, some models, like the quartz-powered Cartier pieces, sell for a lesser amount.

However, some tips can help increase the value of your watch on the pre-owned market, regardless of the model. If you’re contemplating selling your Cartier watch in the near future, here are a few things you must consider to maximise its resale value.

Factors That Maximise The Value Of Your Cartier Watch

1. It’s condition

    The best way to prepare your Cartier watch for sale is to keep it in great condition. Buyers will always seek a watch that is in good/excellent condition so they can wear it or sell it again. Therefore, a Cartier model in good working condition will always yield a higher return than the model in poor condition. Hence, you must ensure the watch has no signs of damage or blemishes and is ideally presented in its original box.

    2. Routine Servicing

    While it’s not mandatory, but a fully serviced luxury watch is more desirable to a watch buyer. A Cartier watch should be serviced every five years to maintain its value. Servicing involves meticulously disassembling, inspecting, repairing, cleaning, and polishing the Cartier, which makes the watch appear pristine and appealing to potential buyers.

    3. No damage

    No matter how small or insignificant, damage can significantly reduce a watch’s value. Therefore, it’s essential to protect your watch from scratches, dents, blemishes, or other damage forms. Avoid exposing it to harsh conditions, and be mindful of the watch’s water resistance. Remember, even a small dent or scratch can cost you a lot when you decide to sell a watch.

    4. Keeping it original

    Many owners are tempted to personalise their watches. For example, replace the dials, bezels, bracelets, etc. Remember that any significant alteration can diminish the watch’s value. Aftermarket additions, customisations, changing the original parts, modifications, and engravings can negatively impact the value of your Cartier as well as its desirability. This is especially true for vintage Cartier models. Thus, if possible, keep the Cartier close to its original state to preserve and even enhance its resale value.

    5. Avoid over-polishing the watch

    Polishing your watch may seem the best way to keep the alluring shine, but the truth is quite the opposite. Polishing a luxury watch like Cartier without taking proper precautions can cause microscopic scratches on the watch’s surface, which wear away the edges over time. Some buyers like the watches to be sharp and not rounded, as they usually get by over-polishing. Also, whether you should polish your watch depends on the piece’s model and age, and it is best to seek a second opinion from the experts before polishing your timepiece.

    6. Having the original packaging & documentation

    While many owners discard the original box, papers and accessories that came with the watch at the time of purchase, having them can significantly increase the watch’s worth. Original papers include the warranty card, certificate of authenticity, purchase receipts, booklets and manuals. Other paperwork consists of the service receipts and servicing records. Accessories include tags, bezel protectors, additional straps, and spare links. The original box is where the watch came in when you purchased it.

    All these elements contribute to the watch’s provenance and enhance its collectability and appeal to potential buyers. A Cartier watch in its full set (box & paper included) will fetch almost 20% more value than the one without it.

    7. Staying updated with the market trends

    As we’ve said many times before, having a keen understanding of the watch market and the ongoing market trends will help you lock in a better resale value. The demand for luxury watches fluctuates based on consumer preferences and market trends. So, selling your watch when the market demand for the model is high can positively impact your return. Stay attuned to these trends by checking auction results, industry news, and collectors’ forums. Timing your sale accordingly can significantly enhance the value you receive when selling Cartier.

    8. Choosing the right buyer

    Finding the right buyer is a prerequisite to the selling process, and you must never compromise on this front. There are many online marketplaces and reputable buyers like Luxbrokers where you can sell Cartier for the maximum value. It’s imperative to sell the watch to a buyer with extensive experience in dealing with pre-owned luxury watches to ensure your price is fair and competitive. Check the buyer’s reviews and reputation before committing to sell your Cartier. A professional with the right experience and expertise will ensure you get the most value for your Cartier.


    Cartier is a valuable asset, and the watches, especially the popular models, inherently hold their value quite well. So, rest assured, you’ll get a good return on your investment. Also, boosting the value of Cartier watches does not need to be daunting. Consider the steps mentioned above, and you’ll not only maintain but also enhance the allure and value of your Cartier watch, making it a standout piece in your collection.

    Luxbrokers can help you achieve the highest price for your piece if you’re planning to sell your Cartier. We have extensive experience dealing with pre-owned Cartier watches and guarantee the most competitive price for all Cartier models. Start by getting a FREE quote for your pre-owned Cartier, or call us on 0207 123 5081 for more details.

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