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21 May

Everything You Need To Know Before Selling Your Omega

Omega is a prolific Swiss luxury watch brand with a widespread reputation and recognition for creating mechanical wonders beloved by fan aficionados all over. Collectors and investors highly seek the watches for their exceptional craftsmanship, rich history and iconic designs.

From landing on the Moon to becoming the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, Omega has continually pushed the boundaries of watchmaking. The watches are much more than just a style statement; they are investments with the potential for higher returns. 

If you own a pre-owned Omega and find yourself pondering whether your piece holds great financial value, well, you should just put your thoughts to rest. Irrespective of the model, you’ll get a fantastic price for your Omega. Rather, you should question, ‘How can I sell my Omega for the best price?’

Before initiating the process, you must consider certain things to ensure you have the best-selling experience and get the best possible value for your watch. Here’s what they are:

7 Expert Tips On Selling Your Omega Watch

1. Knowing Your Omega Model

No matter how extensive it sounds, there’s no alternative to research. One of the first rules when selling your beloved Omega is to know everything about it. This will help you determine its best value. Find out the serial and reference number. 

Omega Serial Numbers– Each Omega has a unique serial number comprising 7 or 8 digits. Depending on the particular Omega model, the serial or case number can be located on the outside of the case back, on the movement, on the back of the lugs or inside the case back. These numbers can help you determine the approximate manufacturing year of the Omega model. However, it’s important to note that Omega uses a different serial number system for the Speedmaster model. You’ll find several serial number charts online that aren’t official. So, take it with a grain of salt. 

Omega Reference Numbers – Omega watches come with a unique identifier number of 14 digits. The brand has released several reference numbers over the years. The most modern ones are – 

  • 8 Digit PIC (Product Identification Code) (1988 – 2007): XXXX.YY.ZZ
  • 14 Digit PIC (Product Identification Code) (From 2007): AAA.BB.CC.DD.EE.FFF

Here’s an example of the 14-digit PIC: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Ref. 310.

  • ‘A’ refers to the Omega watch’s family 
  • ‘B’ refers to the case and bracelet material 
  • ‘C’ refers to the case size
  • ‘D’ refers to the watch movement type
  • ‘E’ refers to the dial colour and material
  • ‘F’ refers to the watch’s specific sequence number

Previously, Omega used to engrave the reference number on the inside of the case back for the older watches. Modern Omega watches do not have reference numbers. So, if you lack the official documents of your Omega, finding the exact reference number can be a task. In such cases, here’s what you can do:

  • Visit the Omega official website to pinpoint your model
  • Google the watch details (model, dial, material, colour, bracelet type, etc)
  • Do Google image search
  • Take it to a professional

2. Check its Condition

You may own one of the top Omega models, but if it’s not well-maintained or is damaged and in poor condition, this will impact its resale value. Therefore, before selling it, take some time to assess its condition. Check the watch for wear and tear and consider how it performs. Doing this, will give you an idea of how much your Omega will fetch in the resale market.  

If it’s in mint condition, you’ll know that the watch will fetch a higher value than the watch with scratches, dents and significant damages. Many consider servicing their watches before selling them. The answer depends on the condition of your watch and its value. 

If it’s a vintage Omega model, people prefer to keep it in its original condition. However, it might be a good idea to get high-value Omega watches serviced. Those who sell Omega watches directly to a pre-owned watch dealer need not have to worry as the professionals take care of the maintenance requirements before selling them further. 

3. Find out its Market Value

Many mistake market value as the inherent value of a watch. They are not the same. Market value is the price a buyer is willing to pay for a particular Omega model at that time. This figure can vary widely depending on the model, its rarity, style, materials used and the current trends. The market value of an Omega watch can be very different from its artistic or technical value. So, you must reflect on the market value of your watch before selling it, as every potential buyer will consider the market demand for the timepiece before making an offer. 

Get in touch with multiple buyers and understand what they are willing to pay for your Omega. This will help you set realistic expectations about what you will pocket when you sell your Omega.

4. Having the Original Box & Papers

Having your watch’s original box and papers will always enhance its value when you sell it. In some cases, an Omega watch in a full set can sell for around 10-20% more than those without them. This is because the box and papers attest to the authenticity of your Omega, and potential buyers will be more attracted to them. 

The packaging includes a box, bags, pouches, and cushions. The original paperwork of an Omega includes the warranty card, service records, instruction booklets, etc. Additionally, there are accessories like additional straps, tools, and tags, all of which add to its overall worth. While you can always sell your Omega watch without the box and papers, having them will elevate the resale price. 

5. Verify your Watch’s Authenticity

As with any other high-end item, Omega watches are also prone to getting replicated. So, checking the authenticity of your watch is paramount before selling it. You need to know whether the watch is fake or Frankenstein. Frankenstein means the watches have been altered or made using aftermarket materials. You can be confident if you purchased the watch, but if you received it as a gift or inherited the piece, it’s important to check it.

Some subtle ways to verify the authenticity of an Omega watch are:

  • Check the logos and fonts from different angles. It should be precise and flawless.
  • Check the weight of the Omega watch. An original Omega feels heavier on the wrist because of the precious metals used. 
  • Omega uses only high-end metals like steel, gold and titanium to create its watches. So, check the materials used.  

It is best to consult a professional to verify an Omega’s legitimacy. 

6. Check the Market Trends

Trends heavily influence the luxury watch market. Some models gain immense popularity but eventually fade away, while others maintain a steady demand over time. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the market trend before you sell your watch. Some Omega models enjoy a perennial demand and popularity amongst collectors and buyers, while some can be impacted by trends such as movies, social media or celebrity endorsements. For example, James Bond movies have significantly influenced the popularity of certain Omega models. Keep an eye on the various watch forums, auction results and watch-related media to gain valuable insight into the current trends.

7. Deal with a Reputable Source

Selling Omega to a local buyer is a safe and convenient option, but it may not necessarily fetch you the amount you expect. On the other hand, a specialist with a better understanding of your watch’s value will offer a much higher amount. Moreover, selling to a reputed source will provide the peace of mind and confidence you need when selling something as valuable as Omega. Check the buyer’s reviews and testimonials and see what others say about their operation method before committing.   

In Conclusion

Selling your Omega watch with the right knowledge and preparation can be highly rewarding. By understanding the market, assessing the condition of your watch, gathering the necessary documentation, and choosing the appropriate selling platform, you can maximise the value and ensure a smooth transaction.  Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time seller, these insights will help you navigate the process confidently and achieve the best possible outcome.

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