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3 Jun

Guide to Selling a Rolex Without Papers

If you’re looking to sell your Rolex without the original papers and documents, you’re not alone. Many collectors and enthusiasts find themselves in the same situation. Having the original paperwork may help you obtain the best price on the pre-owned market, but that’s not the end of the story.

Since Hans Wilsdorf launched the brand in 1905, Rolex has been one of the most coveted companions for adventurers, achievers, and individuals from all walks of life. With the brand’s ever-increasing worldwide popularity and recognition, Rolex watches have become the epitome of luxury, class and sophistication.

The Swiss manufacturer sells the luxury timepieces in a precious box and provides certificates and papers attesting to their authenticity. This paperwork also helps Rolex maintain its reputation for quality.

It is recommended that all Rolex owners retain the original box and papers, as they play an essential role when selling. Although one can sell Rolex without the documentation, having it makes the buyer comfortable and eventually fetches a better price.

What Are Rolex Papers?

Rolex papers come with a Rolex watch when you purchase it. The documents include the certificate of authenticity, original purchase receipt, watch manual, and warranty card.

Initially, Rolex provided a warranty paper containing the serial number, model number, and place and date of purchase. However, in late 2006, Rolex transitioned to utilising a green plastic warranty card, resembling a credit card, as a substitute for the conventional paper warranty.

The modern Rolex warranty cards are electronically activated and contain the same information as before. So, based on your model, the watch should come with warranty papers or a warranty card confirming its originality.

These original Rolex papers prove the watch’s authenticity, regardless of whether it is under warranty or not. Also, you cannot replace the Rolex papers (including the warranty card).

Can You Sell Rolex Without The Papers?

Yes, absolutely! Not everybody has Rolex’s original papers, as they might get lost or not be in presentable condition over time. So, there’s no need to panic if you don’t have the paperwork.

While it’s true that the absence of paperwork is likely to reduce the watch’s value, it’s important to understand that other factors, such as the model and condition of the Rolex, hold the most importance and influence the value of your Rolex. This understanding can help you set realistic expectations when selling your Rolex without the original papers.

If you sell to a reputable company like Luxbrokers, you don’t need the papers to sell your Rolex. We’re not just comfortable but experts in buying your Rolex without them at the best possible price. Our in-house experts are highly skilled and knowledgeable in evaluating Rolex watches, guaranteeing the most competitive value.

If you’re interested in finding out the value of your Rolex, fill in our online form for a FREE expert valuation.

Why Is It Beneficial To Have The Original Papers Of Your Rolex?

  • Having the original papers and other accompanying documents of your pre-owned Rolex watch helps verify its authenticity. This verification ensures a smooth and quicker selling process.
  • The authenticity certification helps increase the resale value of the timepiece, as collectors and buyers will be willing to pay considerably more for a Rolex with its original papers and box.
  • For the papers to add value to the overall price of your Rolex, they must be in good condition with legible text. Should the documents be in poor condition, they could be deemed insignificant and might not contribute value to your watch.
  • Typically, pre-owned Rolex watches sold without the original papers and documents fetch roughly 20% less on the secondary market. However, limited edition Rolex pieces without papers may garner up to 50% less if sold without the paperwork.

How To Sell Rolex Without The Original Documentation?

7 Things to consider when selling Rolex without papers:

1. Find the right buyer

When selling something as valuable as Rolex, you must first consider a reliable buyer to ensure a smooth process. Today, the secondhand market for watches is booming exponentially. Despite this, finding a trustworthy Rolex buyer is not as easy as you might think. You’re usually left with one or two genuine options, and you can either sell your Rolex online or visit the watch buyer in-store for a face-to-face transaction.

Selling Rolex watches online is much easier and more convenient today; as many reputed buyers like Luxbrokers actively seek to buy pre-owned Rolex watches online. Whether or not you retain your Rolex’s original papers and certificate, the experts are willing to buy it at an impressive price.

2. Be honest & straightforward with your buyer

Whether you’re selling your Rolex online or in-store, it’s important to be honest with the buyer. A potential watch buyer expects honesty from the customer, which ideally guarantees that the watch is genuine.

Therefore, whether you have papers or not, it is crucial to build a transparent relationship with the buyer. This makes them comfortable and shows that you respect their trust. Remember, trust is a pre-requisite, and if a buyer doesn’t trust you, they might not even purchase your watch.

3. Take high-quality photographs of your Rolex

Irrespective of whether you sell your Rolex online or in-store, you should click high-quality photographs of your watch. A high-resolution image taken from all possible angles will best indicate your watch’s condition and attract potential buyers. It will also help a professional buyer to evaluate its condition better and determine an accurate quote for the watch.

4. Verify the watch’s authenticity

The original paper accompanying a Rolex verifies its authenticity. Without the documentation, it may become challenging for potential buyers to confirm its legitimacy. Therefore, getting your Rolex verified by a professional watch dealer before selling it is recommended. The experts can check and provide a guarantee of its authenticity.

5. Service your Rolex

While you may not have your Rolex’s original paperwork, you can try to gather supporting documentation, such as service receipts, service records, or any other related documents. Servicing your Rolex will fetch you a service guarantee card, which is the next best thing to having the original Rolex papers.

This will increase your Rolex’s value and make the watch more desirable to buyers. A Rolex that has been meticulously disassembled, inspected, and certified as genuine by a professional and qualified Rolex servicer will likely fetch a higher price on the pre-owned market.

6. Recognise the worth of your Rolex

Rolex watches are inherently valuable, and many models even appreciate over time. Therefore, research your secondhand Rolex watch and know its estimated resale value. Look for information online or get in touch with qualified professionals to determine the specific value of your timepiece.

Not having the papers might take away from the value of your Rolex. However, there’s no such hard and fast rule for the same. Certain Rolex models like the Submariner ‘Hulk’ are in high demand and fetch a lump sum amount in the resale market. Rare models can sell for over 80% more than the retail value. In such situations, consumer behaviour escalates the value of the timepiece.

7. Be open to negotiate

Be prepared to negotiate. We understand the sentiment behind your Rolex, but it is equally important to price the watch realistically. Keep in mind that the absence of papers may influence the amount you’ll receive. So, be ready to price competitively and be open to reasonable offers. Building a strong rapport with potential buyers can facilitate a smoother transaction.

In Conclusion

Selling your Rolex without papers is very much possible and can be easy, quick and hassle-free when you follow the steps outlined and deal with the right buyers.

Luxbrokers has over 40 years of combined experience in dealing with pre-owned Rolex watches. We accept all types of secondhand Rolex watches, with or without papers, and can confidently determine your watch’s accurate value.

Our experts will meticulously evaluate your watch to give the highest possible amount. You can sell Rolex online or visit us in-store. Call 0207 123 5081 for more information.

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