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You can use your luxury watch or fine jewellery to take a pawnbroking loan from us. We offer short-term pawnbroking loans and charge interest only for the months you borrow.

If you take the loan for one month, you pay interest only for one month. No monthly payment and you make only one payment at the end of the loan tenure including the loan amount and the due interest to get your item back.

You can take a loan against luxury watches, gold & diamond jewellery, loose diamonds and other precious gems.

No, pawning won’t impact your credit score. Unlike banks or other traditional loan providers, we do not check your credit score or conduct credit checks. Moreover, if you are unable to repay the loan amount, you won’t have a bad credit rating. This means you can easily get instant cash from another pawn shop.

The value of any item is determined by a list of factors. For instance, if you want to pawn a luxury watch, our experts will consider its brand, model, age, metal, condition, rarity and the current market demand to quote a price.

Similarly, if you have a jewellery piece that you’d want to borrow against, we will check its metal, material, brand, condition, gemstones, age, rarity, and again the current market demand to determine its exact value. We offer the most accurate appraisals in London ensuring the price you get is the best in the market.

Yes! Trust us to ensure 100% safety and security of your item while it is in our possession. We keep all pawned items in highly secure vaults during the loan period and return them back to you in the same condition you gave them to us.

If you choose not to repay the loan or are unable to, we will sell the item and extract the loan amount. If the sale proceeds are greater than the amount you borrowed, we will repay the outstanding balance to you.

Yes, absolutely! You can pawn multiple items with us and we’ll be happy to offer you cash instantly.

Yes, you can. Repay the loan amount along with the outstanding interest and claim your item back at any point. No early retrieval fees or hidden charges.

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