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Looking to Pawn Loose Diamonds in London?

If you’re looking for pawn shops in London that lend against loose diamonds, you’ve come to the right place. At Luxbrokers, we lend against all types of diamond jewellery, including diamond rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings or loose diamonds at the most competitive price.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise appraising any form of diamond jewellery and will gladly accept loose diamonds of any shape, size, colour and clarity as collateral. Our experts will evaluate the true value of your loose diamond and pay you the most for your item.

All our work is private, and we conduct no credit checks. Additionally, you can pay off your loan at any time, including the outstanding interest. No early retrieval fees. Get started by filling in our online form for a FREE quote.

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Accept our final offer based on your asset's current market value & sign the pledge receipt.


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Why take a loan on diamond jewellery?

The majority of people, when they face financial issues, the first thing they think about is selling their gold, silver or diamond jewellery. Most of the time, they sell it unwillingly. Taking a loan against diamonds is one of the best ways to get the required money quickly. It is also the quickest way to liquidate funds without losing ownership of your prized possession.

Diamond is a precious gemstone that generates a good amount when used as collateral. Turn your fine diamond jewellery into cash-all in 24 hours in a fully secure and transparent way with Luxbrokers. Our highly trained specialists will thoroughly assess your diamond item to unlock its best value. All our valuations are based on up-to-date market prices, so you can rest assured that you will get the most competitive rates on your diamonds.

Get a complimentary valuation without any obligation. Fill in our online form now! Alternatively, you can visit us with a prior appointment at our Hatton Garden showroom for fast loan processing.

Unmatched Expertise

Trusted London pawnbrokers with 40+ years of combined experience.

Flexible Payment Terms

We offer manageable loan repayment periods so you can utilise.

Fair & Friendly Advice

Our specialists will give you honest pawnbroking advice to help.

Safe & Discreet

A Private & Confidential loan process from start to finish with no credit checks.

What is the Best Way to Pawn Diamonds in London?

Once you’ve decided to pawn your diamond jewellery for a short term, you want to generate the cash quickly and securely to meet your immediate financial needs. Luxbrokers is one of the leading names in the diamond jewellery industry, offering instant cash loans against all diamond jewellery. Our service is quick and professional, and we have the experience and expertise to determine your diamond’s true value.

We’ll offer you the final loan amount upon examining your diamond item. If you’re happy with it, we will pay you immediately! No credit check or long paperwork. Giving an ID proof and signing the pledge receipt is all it takes to borrow from us.

Why Luxbrokers Is London's Top Choice for Diamond Loan?

Throughout our 40+ years of combined experience in the industry, we have worked on building the quickest and simplest loan process, allowing our customers to get a fast cash loan in London. Our highly trained experts assess your jewellery and not just weights and measures. We consider many appraisal factors to offer you the maximum amount against your diamond jewellery pieces. Once we’ve examined your diamonds, we’ll offer a final quote, and if agreed, we will pay you money on the spot with no credit check or unnecessary waiting.

While taking a loan against your diamond jewellery, all you want is to secure the highest loan amount at the most competitive interest rate. Luxbrokers is the name you can trust to get the best loan amount in the market. With our service transparency, we have created a commanding position in the business in London and the whole of the UK. We follow strict pawnbroking standards and charge no hidden or additional fees. Moreover, our flexible loan repayment structure ensures that customers can repay the loan conveniently.

When you pawn a diamond ring, earrings or any other item, there is always a thought about whether giving your precious jewellery to others is safe. Here at Luxbrokers, we have earned a reputation with our trusted service and at no point compromise the security of your asset. Should you choose to proceed with the loan, we store the jewellery in our highly secure vaults, and we guarantee to return the item in the same condition after the completion of the loan duration.

If you send us your item online, keep aside your worries, as we have a fully insured and safe shipping method, keeping your asset safe from all the risk factors.

Unlock the value of your assets today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most straightforward way to find out how much you can loan against your diamond is by visiting a professional. At Luxbrokers, we will check the price, carat, cut, clarity and colour of each stone to determine your item’s accurate worth. Apart from this, the type, age, condition, provenance and current market demand will also influence the value.

All you have to do is submit a valid ID proof and sign the loan agreement to enter into a deal with us.

We understand that people might have had a history, and we do not let their past influence the present. We lend against any type of diamond with no credit checks at all.

It could be as little as a few minutes if you visit us at our Hatton Garden store in London. We have built a simple and easy loan process wherein you will get your cash on the same day.

  • You can apply online for a free quote, and we will make a final offer after assessing your diamond. Accept it, and we will pay you immediately via your preferred method.
  • Or, schedule an appointment and visit us with your diamond at the store. Our experts will assess and give you a final loan offer. The moment you accept, we will lend cash immediately!
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