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Our Purchasing Prices for 2024 Rolex Air-King Models

All quoted prices are for watches purchased in 2024, comes as full sets and are in unworn condition.

All quoted prices are for watches purchased in 2024, comes as full sets and are in unworn condition.We estimate our buying price for the watch to be competitive with current second-hand market prices.
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rolex 126900

Air-King 40 mm

  • Rolex Retail Price £6,500
  • Our Buying Price £5,500

Rolex Air-King Price List

The Rolex Air-King’s timeless design and affordable price point make it one of the most accessible and popular professional tool watches. Over the years, Rolex has offered some great innovations, iterations and upgrades to this elegant lineup, all available at different price ranges. If you want to find out the value of your Air-King, we recommend browsing our detailed price list.

The Luxbrokers’ price index lists the RRP of the popular Air-King models alongside our best purchase price for the same models. This will help you determine the worth of your watch and ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

However, it’s important to note that our estimated buying cost applies only to the Air-King models purchased in 2024 and those that are unworn with a full set.

Factors Influencing Air-King Prices

While all Rolex watches hold value; some models are worth more than others. The value of any Air-King model depends on factors such as the model, condition, age, history, unique specifications, material, box and papers, rarity and current market demand. The reason why our offered prices for Air-King is the most competitive is because our experts conduct thorough research and market analysis to give you the best price for your watch, including all the factors listed.

Why is Rolex Air-King Highly Sought-After?

This contemporary aviator’s tool watch has a robust stainless steel construction, a time-only dial with bold Arabic numerals, and it nurtures the same anti-magnetic qualities as the Milgauss. While its roots firmly place it under the realm of dress pieces, its design aesthetics make it more of a professional series pilot’s watch. The Air-King is mostly regarded as an entry-point timepiece into the world of Rolex watches, with the older models being more sought-after by collectors.

While it was created to serve the needs of the pilots of British WWII with qualities essential for aviation, the Air-King has become the most popular entry-level Rolex for its minimalist elements. Available in various sizes, materials and dial options, the Air-King appeals to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Luxbrokers price guide of Rolex Air-King models

Like many other stainless steel Rolex models, the Air-King watches in steel have also increased in price in recent years. Moreover, as you can get this watch at an accessible price point, collectors consider it a good investment. We recommend checking Luxbrokers’ detailed price guide if you want to find out the best resale value for your Rolex Air-King. As a reputed buyer, we offer complete price transparency by listing the retail prices of the Air-King models alongside our buying cost so you can check and review the details all in one place.

Please track the price list regularly, as our purchase prices may vary depending on market fluctuations.

Where can you find the Rolex Air-King price list?

Online forums, communities and websites are some places where you can find the price details of Rolex Air-King watches. However, if you want to ascertain the most accurate value of your watch, it is important to trust professionals for a competitive offer. Check out Luxbrokers’ Air-King price list to find out the most competitive price for your watch.

As renowned Rolex buyers, our professionals have deep market knowledge and are constantly updated on market changes. This allows us to give you the best possible price for Air-King watches. We’ve also mentioned the RRP of the models so you can decide for yourself.

Why should you find a Rolex Air-King price list?

Determining the worth of your Rolex Air-King is essential to making the right decision for your watch. Instead of relying on random sources, refer to our comprehensive Air-King price list. The list shows our best buying cost for the popular Air-King models purchased in 2024. Our experts have years of experience assessing the value of Rolex watches and have provided a price offer that we’re confident is the best in the market.

Reference Our Price Range Retail Price Range
126900 £5500 - £5500 £6500 - £6500
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