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Our Purchasing Prices for 2024 Rolex Explorer Models

All quoted prices are for watches purchased in 2024, comes as full sets and are in unworn condition.

All quoted prices are for watches purchased in 2024, comes as full sets and are in unworn condition.We estimate our buying price for the watch to be competitive with current second-hand market prices.
In Production Now

rolex 124273

Explorer 36 mm

  • Rolex Retail Price £10,700
  • Our Buying Price £6,500
In Production Now

rolex 124270

Explorer 36 mm

  • Rolex Retail Price £6,300
  • Our Buying Price £5,250
In Production Now

rolex 226570

Explorer II 42 mm

  • Rolex Retail Price £8,500
  • Our Buying Price £6,850
In Production Now

rolex 226570

Explorer II 42 mm

  • Rolex Retail Price £8,500
  • Our Buying Price £7,250
In Production Now

rolex 224270

Explorer 40 mm

  • Rolex Retail Price £6,650
  • Our Buying Price £5,550

Rolex Explorer Models Price List 2024

The Rolex Explorer has been a mainstay in the brand’s main catalogue since 1953 and is highly popular. Born to mark Rolex’s close relationship with the world of exploration, the watches are reliable, robust, and precise. The Explorer collection offers diverse options for collectors, and the prices of the models vary depending on factors such as materials, specifications, market conditions, etc.

Anyone interested in finding out the price of the Explorer models should check out Luxbrokers’ detailed price chart. It includes the retail prices of the top Explorer models from 2024 and our current estimated buying cost for the models. This way, you can evaluate easily and all at once on our platform.

Please note – the quoted prices are applicable only when the Explorer model is purchased in 2024 and is in unworn condition with a full set.

Current Market Trends for Unworn Rolex Explorer

Rolex’s rising price on the secondary market is mainly due to a lack of supply. Hence, the value and demand for unworn Rolex Explorer models are always high. The Explorer has been one of the most alluring mainstream models, enjoying an iconic status.

Here are the key trends for unworn Rolex Explorer models:

  • Increased demand

The Explorer is one of the most popular tool watches and also one of the most affordable sports watch models. In recent years, it has seen incredible popularity, especially the 36mm and 39mm models, thereby driving up the price on the pre-owned market. So, an Explorer in unworn condition is most coveted.

  • Attractive prices on the secondary market

A popular professional Rolex watch like the Explorer is an attractive collector’s piece, contributing to an impressive value on the secondary market. Similarly, buyers are expected to pay high premiums for the popular Rolex Explorer models as they hold their value very well.

Factors Influencing Rolex Explorer Prices in 2024

Several factors influence the prices of the Explorer models, and investors and enthusiasts need to understand the dynamics before deciding.

The final price of the Explorer depends on:

  • Model of the Explorer
  • Original box and papers
  • Age and provenance
  • Condition of the watch
  • Rarity or exclusivity
  • Current market demand

Our experts have evaluated the published purchase prices, considering the factors involved. We guarantee the most competitive price for Rolex Explorer models purchased in 2024.

Why is Rolex Explorer Highly Sought-After?

The classic design and rich heritage of the Rolex Explorer makes it incredibly popular amongst buyers and collectors. What distinguishes the Explorer from other Rolex timepieces is that it performs commendably well under real-life challenges and conditions, making it the ultimate tool watch for adventurers and explorers. There are Explorer models possessing unique features and designed in honour of the world’s bravest conquerors. With its various options, the Rolex Explorer is a true style icon steeped in luxury.

Luxbrokers price guide of Rolex Explorer models from 2024

The Explorer has evolved from a tool watch to the ultimate adventure timepiece, with different models offering unique functionalities. This has led to an increase in prices over the years. If you want to ensure a fair deal for your Explorer model, use our comprehensive price guide to see the RRP of the Explorer models from 2024 and compare it with our best buying cost, which we’re confident is the best in the market.

Please remember that the estimated purchase prices are true only for Rolex Explorer models purchased in 2024 and not before. The watches should also be unworn and presented in a complete set.

Why Should You Find A Rolex Explorer Price List?

A Rolex Explorer is not only an impressive timepiece but also a smart financial decision, wherein the watches fetch a high return on investment. Finding out the price of Rolex Explorer watches will help you get an idea of its value on the pre-owned market. With this information, you can make the best financial decision for your watch. Refer to our price guide to find out the most accurate value of Rolex Explorer models.

Reference Our Price Range Retail Price Range
124270 £5250 - £5250 £6300 - £6300
124273 £6500 - £6500 £10700 - £10700
224270 £5550 - £5550 £6650 - £6650
226570 £6850 - £7250 £8500 - £8500
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