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How can you sell Your Diamond in Hatton Garden London?

Selling diamonds or any precious gemstone is a crucial decision, and you surely won’t choose a random buyer for that. If you’re looking to sell diamonds in Hatton Garden, London, there’s no better place than Luxbrokers to ensure a safe, secure and friendly service. While many shops will claim to give you the best price, only experts who understand the pre-owned jewellery market and today’s diamond industry can give you an offer accurately. Our expertise is backed by our 40+ years of experience in the niche industry; hence, we can confidently provide the best possible price.

Whether you want to sell diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, chains, loose diamonds, pendants, bangles, bracelets or any other item, bring it to us for a quick and accurate appraisal. We accept any diamond jewellery in any condition. Schedule an appointment at our store and visit us the same day with your jewellery. Our team will be delighted to assist you. When you arrive, our experts will ensure you feel at ease and examine your diamond jewellery’s cut, weight, carat and clarity. Once the appraisal is complete, we’ll give you a final price. Upon acceptance, we will immediately put the cash in your hand or send it to you via your preferred method. It’s a quick, same-day procedure wherein you’ll get paid the best price for your item.

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Where to Sell Loose Diamonds to get the Best Value in London?

The name of Luxbrokers sits amongst the top jewellery buyers in London for exceptional service, accurate valuations and fast cash payouts. Our diamond specialists look out at the various facets of diamond valuation before making an offer to ensure you get the best price for your valuables. From the colour and style to clarity and weight, we check every minute detail of your loose diamonds to give you an unbeatable price. Additionally, we also consider your diamond’s age, condition, rarity, branded/unbranded, provenance and current market demand as it could add to your diamond’s overall worth.

At Luxbrokers, we believe that to ensure great customer satisfaction, you not only should provide the best value but service of the highest level is necessary. Hence, we have kept the selling process to the point, easy and fully transparent. You can choose to sell from the comfort of your home or visit us for an in-store transaction. We promise a fast service both ways. If selling online, we’ll offer a 100% insured and free home collection service to collect the jewellery from your doorstep. It’s that easy!

After thoroughly assessing your jewellery, we’re confident our final offer is second to none. Once you accept, we will pay you right on the spot on the same day! You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when it comes to selling your diamonds in London.

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Trusted London pawnbrokers with 40+ years of combined experience.

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We offer Instant cash payments so you can utilise the amount immediately.

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Our specialists will give you honest watch-selling advice to help you make an informed decision.

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A fully private & discreet selling process from start to finish with no hidden charges or commission.

Why Consider Selling Your Diamond?

Diamonds are regarded as symbols of timeless beauty and enduring value. However, there can be various reasons why you might want to sell your diamond. Whether it’s a financial decision or a way to maximise your investment potential, selling your diamond can be wise if you sell your item to reputable buyers. Here at Luxbrokers, we understand that diamonds can be very special, so make it easy and straightforward for you to sell your jewellery. We’re a trusted resource for sellers looking to get accurate appraisals and best price for their diamonds.

Diamonds have a great demand among buyers and, hence, have a higher resale value. So, if you purchased your diamond at a certain amount, rest assured you get a handsome return on your investment. But it’s essential to get your item assessed by experts to realise its actual worth. We consider parameters like the diamond type, 4C’s, condition, rarity, provenance and market demand to get you the highest resale amount.

Selling diamond to the Luxbrokers

Do you have some loose diamonds or broken pieces of diamond jewellery that you’d like to sell? Everyone knows the inherent value of diamonds, but many times we are confused about where to sell them for maximum profit. Well, if you’ve got precious diamonds to sell, trust Luxbrokers, for that matter. Our ability to value every type of diamond jewellery is backed by our 40+ years of combined experience working in the pre-owned diamond industry, and our gem experts will take great care of your asset.

We know the diamond market in and out, ensuring the price you get is the best in London and in the whole of the UK. We understand that sometimes selling precious gemstones can be confusing. Hence, our trained and knowledgeable diamond experts have designed an easy, simple and hassle-free selling process so you can sell with complete peace of mind. Trust us to get your deserved value with guaranteed same-day payment. Yes! We pay instantly on the same day without any extra charge. Apply online or visit us in-store. 

Sell GIA Certified Diamonds

Sell your GIA-certified diamonds to one of the top diamond buyers in London. GIA is one of the world’s most respected and widely recognised diamond grading laboratories. A GIA certification proves quality and genuinity, and having it will get you a higher value for your diamond. At Luxbrokers, our team of trained GIA gemologists will verify the credentials of your certificate and will be delighted to offer you the most competitive price for your GIA-certified diamonds based on the certificate’s details.  

Sell Uncertified Diamonds

In many instances, owners misplace the paperwork or may have inherited the diamond without knowing about the papers. If you’re in a similar situation, you may wonder, ‘Can I sell my diamonds without certificates?

Yes, why not! We buy all diamonds, including non-certified diamonds. While it is ideal to have your diamond certificate, you can easily sell your diamond without it. A certificate helps to confirm the diamond’s authenticity and increases its overall worth. While our expert jewellers at Luxbrokers can grade any diamond and easily identify its authenticity in no time, not having the certificate will slightly impact the price you get. But we’re confident about paying you the best price.

Unlock the value of your assets today!

Secure way to sell your diamond online

It’s really easy and secure to sell your diamond online with us. Start by filling in our online form providing as many details as possible about your diamond piece, and instantly receive an accurate quote from our expert appraisers! If you’re happy with it, you have to send us your diamond jewellery for a final assessment. Unlike most jewellery buyers, we provide a reliable and fully-insured home collection service so you can send us your diamond items safely and stress-free. This is for free! Because of our bespoke and professional service, we easily stand out in the industry.

Once we receive the valuable, our knowledgeable diamond specialists will quickly evaluate the item based on factors like cut, carat, weight, style, age, condition, branded/unbranded, provenance, rarity, and current market popularity. All these factors may enhance the overall worth of your diamond. After assessing, we will give you a final quote. If you wish to proceed with the sale and accept the offer, we will process the payment immediately!

However, if you do not wish to proceed with the sale and wish your jewellery back, no problem! We will immediately return it to you, fully insured and free of cost. There’s no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to determine your diamond’s value is by finding out its carat weight, clarity, colour and cut. You can research online and use online calculators to find a rough estimate of your diamond jewellery. But only a qualified professional with the proper skills and expertise can rightfully evaluate the jewellery. This way, you can get the amount you deserve when selling it.

When you buy any jewellery item, it comes with an original box and papers that attest to its authenticity. If you have them with you, please bring them when selling your item, as it will enhance the overall worth of your piece. Apart from this, we require no additional documents from you to buy your diamond jewellery.

Yes, you can sell your diamond securely to us online. We understand the questions customers have when selling something so precious online and hence, have built a fully secure and transparent online process that makes them feel assured that they’re in safe hands. When you accept our initial offer online, we will offer you a free home collection service that is fully insured.

Our experts maintain clear communication on each progress so you feel at ease. When we receive your item, our experts will evaluate it to offer a final amount. If you agree to it, we will process the payment immediately! However, you are not obligated and can decide not to proceed with the sale. In that case, we will return your diamond jewellery in the same way, fully insured & free of cost.

There are several ways and places to sell a diamond, but only qualified appraisers can give you a fair price for your item. You can sell diamonds online or visit a store; the choice is up to you, but make sure you select the right buyer for your valuable jewellery. Research and find a reputed diamond buyer with a proven track record in dealing with pre-owned jewellery items. Be upfront with what you expect. As London’s leading diamond jewellery buyer, we ensure you get the best price for your item. Call 020 7123 5081 to speak to one of our specialists today.

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