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Selling Diamond Necklace

If you’re considering selling your diamond necklace, you might have several questions about its resale value and where to go to get the best money for it. As a leading diamond buyer in London, this is one of the first questions customers ask us when selling their diamond necklaces. Diamond necklaces are popular pieces of jewellery that are always in demand in the resale market. At Luxbrokers, we specialise in offering accurate appraisals and instant payment for all diamond necklaces sold to us. We will buy it for the best value regardless of the condition, age or metal.

Our expert staff approaches with the right knowledge and years of experience to discover your necklace’s true worth. There are no misleading or hidden charges, and we pay you the exact amount. If you have any concerns, we are here to provide the details so you can feel confident throughout the transaction. Whether you sell online or in-store is up to you, but we guarantee you will receive the best service. 

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Why is Luxbrokers The Best Place to Sell Diamond Necklace?

A seller looks for top value, complete discretion and quick service when selling their valuable asset. Based in London, Luxbrokers has become a trusted destination for selling diamond jewellery, including diamond necklaces for instant cash payment. Our top priority is to give you the best possible price for your diamond necklaces and do that smoothly with our extensive knowledge in the industry.

 The reason why our offer is unmatched is because of our innovative evaluation process. We conduct a thorough and private appraisal of your diamond necklace and consider factors such as the diamond quality, condition, metal, age, provenance, brand, rarity and market demand to give you a fair offer. All these characteristics add to the worth of your diamond necklace, and only a reputed buyer will take them into account. If you decide to accept our offer, we will make an on-spot payment.

Enjoy the convenience of selling from your home with our fully insured and free home collection service. You can also schedule an appointment for an in-store visit to ensure zero waiting time upon arrival. We’d be delighted to assist you. We take pride in serving our clients with the utmost professionalism and will work closely with you to accommodate your needs.

Unmatched Expertise

Trusted London pawnbrokers with 40+ years of combined experience.

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We offer Instant cash payments so you can utilise the amount immediately.

Fair & Friendly Advice

Our specialists will give you honest watch-selling advice to help you make an informed decision.

Simple & Secure

A fully private & discreet selling process from start to finish with no hidden charges or commission.

Why Consider selling Your Diamond Necklace For Quick Cash?

Are you in need of quick cash? Whether you’re facing unexpected financial challenges or simply looking to upgrade your collection with something new, selling your diamond necklace could be an easy way to generate quick cash. Your diamond necklace is a valuable asset you can sell for a good amount in London. But you must always sell to a reputed source to get its true value.

Here at Luxbrokers, we keep the buying process easy, reliable and safe so you can sell your diamond necklace the same day hassle-free. Our professionals take great care when handling your necklace and will give you the best price on your jewellery without any extra deduction or commission. Accept it to get paid right on the spot. We take great pride in offering the most competitive rate for diamond jewellery, including necklaces, in the UK. Get your FREE quote by filling in the online form.

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How Much Can You Get by Selling Your Diamond Necklace?

All diamonds hold value, so you can rest assured of getting a good price when selling your diamond necklace. However, the amount you get depends on multiple factors. Visiting a reputed buyer is imperative to secure the best value for your used diamond necklace.

At Luxbrokers, our trained professionals, with their years of knowledge and expertise, can guarantee that our price will be higher than others in the UK. This is because we don’t just give an offer based on the diamond weight but consider every minute detail that can add to its overall worth. Factors such as the diamond quality (the 4Cs), age, condition, metal, rarity, brand, market demand, and documentation play a significant role in deciding the price. Additionally, having the original certificates of your diamond necklace will increase its value.

For years, we have appraised diamond jewellery of all types, including diamond necklaces, making us the go-to place in London to get an accurate valuation for your necklace. Therefore, you can rest assured that we will give you the highest possible offer.

We give instant valuation both online and at our store, and if you agree to it, we will pay you instantly. Our process is simple and straightforward, so you receive instant money and embrace a satisfactory selling experience.

Sell Your Diamond Necklace Online

Selling your diamond necklace online could be an easy and convenient way to secure fast cash from anywhere in the UK. It’s a simple three-step process, and our team will be in touch throughout so you know your asset is in safe hands.

Fill in our online form to get a FREE accurate quote, and if you’re satisfied with the initial valuation, send your diamond necklace for a thorough physical assessment. We offer a fully insured and free home pick-up service and collect your item from your doorstep. Once we receive it, our experts will thoroughly examine it and give you a final offer based on the appraisal. Only when you agree to proceed we will transfer the funds to your bank account immediately. There are no hidden charges or extra costs involved.

Please note this is a no-obligation service, and if at any point you wish to opt-out, we will return your diamond necklace the same way with no additional cost and fully insured. 

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