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How much is my Panerai watch worth?

Finding the worth of your Panerai is a crucial step in the watch-selling process, and you need a reliable and experienced buyer to determine the true worth of your Panerai. Panerai watches are highly regarded in the industry for their iconic design, exceptional craftsmanship and celebrated reputation, fetching them incredible sum in the market. But, understanding the value of a Panerai timepiece is no easy walk as several factors come into play.

Our 40+ years of expertise in evaluating luxury watches makes us a trusted name when selling pre-owned watches in London. Our professional watch appraisers will check your watch’s model, condition, age, popularity, provenance and the current market demand to obtain an accurate valuation. It might sound like a lengthy process, but our specialists only take a few minutes to offer you a quote. The value you get is hands down the best in the whole UK, so you don’t have to look for options. Once you accept, we’ll pay you cash instantly!

Find out how much your Panerai is worth by completing the online form. While we can only provide an exact valuation by evaluating your specific watch, we can definitely offer a FREE quote based on the information you provide. So, provide as many details as possible for an accurate offer.

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Why Choose Luxbrokers to Sell your Panerai Watch?

If you’re looking to sell Panerai watches, Luxbrokers is the best option. We are a leading watch buyer of Panerai watches in the UK and can confidently give you the highest possible price. With years of experience, we’ve built an excellent reputation for paying top prices for all pre-owned luxury watches, including Panerai, in all conditions. We have a flair for accurate appraisals that is unbeatable in the market. No messing you about anything; we’ll give you the most substantial cash value with zero fees.

We are humbled by our 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and other platforms, adding to why you should trust us. At Luxbrokers, we do the hard work so you can relax and sell comfortably without stress. As a large-scale buyer of secondhand luxury watches, we always look for Panerai timepieces to add to our collection. If you have a new, vintage, modern or limited edition Panerai, we will buy it from you happily. When you agree to our quote, we’ll pay you then and there! It’s an easy, same-day affair where you can walk in with your watch and sell it to get cash in minutes. However, it’s a no-obligation process, and you can decide not to proceed anytime.

Fill in the enquiry form; our experts will offer you a free quote INSTANTLY!

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Trusted London pawnbrokers with 40+ years of combined experience.

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Our specialists will give you honest watch-selling advice to help you make an informed decision.

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A fully private & discreet selling process from start to finish with no hidden charges or commission.

How to Sell Panerai Watch to Luxbrokers ?

Selling your Panerai to Luxbrokers is a smooth and secure process. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless service throughout and puts their best foot forward to cater to your needs. We work with some of the finest professionals in the watch business, allowing us to provide the best valuation and fast service to all our valued customers.

When it comes to offering a rewarding customer experience, Luxbrokers stands out proudly. We understand your questions when selling a luxury watch online, but you can trust our expertise and sell confidently. For those who find it difficult to take out time, avail of our secure online service to sell your Panerai. It is easy, quick and fully transparent.

Sell Online 

Keeping in mind the need of our customers, we have built a fully secure and transparent online process. Sell your watch in 3 simple steps and get paid in the shortest time possible. Start by filling in our online form and get a quick FREE quote. If you’re happy with it and wish to proceed, we’ll collect the watch from your doorstep using our fully insured and free home collection service. Don’t worry your watch will be completely safe throughout. As soon as our experts get hold of the watch, they will conduct a quick appraisal to offer you the final amount. Agree, and we will pay the amount immediately!

Sell In-Store

We are conveniently placed at Hatton Garden, London, where you can visit anytime by booking an appointment. Our team will be delighted to assist you in your watch sale process and give you proper advice so you can make an informed decision. No wait or unnecessary questions. Just walk in with your Panerai, wait for our experts to assess and give you a final quote, and if you agree, we’ll pay you on the spot! Don’t worry; the waiting time is only a few minutes.

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Selling Your Panerai Watch Fast

Are you considering selling your used Panerai watch and looking for a quick and seamless process? Look no further! At Luxbrokers, we specialise in buying all secondhand Panerai watch models in any condition swiftly and at great prices. Our years of experience in the industry have helped us curate a direct and easy process so you can sell your watch in the most efficient way. There’s no long waiting time or unnecessary questions. For a quick payment, visit us in-store. We have a well-established office located at Hatton Garden London. Simply drop in with your watch, and we’ll give an instant quote with cash paid on the spot!

However, if you’re comfortable selling from home, opt for our user-friendly online service. Our safe and secure platform requires you to submit the watch details for an instant quote. Following this, you can send us your timepiece only if you’re happy with the offer made by us. We’ll transfer the amount immediately once you agree to the final quote given by our experts after the final assessment.

Popular Panerai Watch Models We Buy

At Luxbrokers, we understand the allure of Panerai watches and what makes them highly coveted among collectors and enthusiasts. This is why we are always interested in buying any Panerai model from our esteemed customers. Whether vintage, antique, rare, limited-edition, contemporary or any secondhand Panerai watch model you might want to sell, we will happily buy it from you.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular Panerai models sold to us:

  • Radiomir
  • Luminor
  • Submersible

Value Your Panerai In London Quickly

When trying to find the value of a Panerai watch, you not just want a speedy service but also a fair valuation of the watch. This is what Luxbrokers aims to do. Our experienced team is constantly updated with market fluctuations and other sources and can give the most up-to-date price for your Panerai in minutes. Fill in the brief online form, and we’ll send an instant quote for free! Provide maximum details of the watch to get an accurate appraisal.

Panerai timepieces are renowned for their exquisite design, exceptional craftsmanship and timeless appeal. A range of factors decides the exact amount you’ll get paid for the watch. It is only fair to evaluate the watch physically to determine its best value. You can either send us the Panerai using our free home collection service or visit us in-store for a detailed assessment. We’ll give you a free and accurate Panerai valuation quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can sell your Panerai watch with the original documents at Luxbrokers. While having the original box and papers can potentially increase the value, it is not a requirement to sell your timepiece to us.

Panerai watches typically hold their value well. The luxury watch brand is known for its quality craftsmanship and iconic designs and factors like its model number, age, rarity, condition and market demand determine the ultimate value you get paid while selling it. Another factor that impacts the resale value is the watch buyer. Sell your Panerai watch to a trusted buyer to secure the very best value.

Any time you decide to sell your Panerai watch is the best time to sell it.  Panerai watches are highly sought-after and have great demand among collectors and buyers alike. Therefore, no matter when you decide to sell the watch, you’ll get a good value. As a reputed Panerai watch buyer in London, we aim to provide the best price for all Panerai watches.

Vintage and pre-owned Panerai watches hold significant value for several reasons like rich heritage, high-quality timepieces and scarcity of certain popular models, making them sought-after by collectors. All these factors contribute to the desirability of the Panerai watches, driving up their market value.

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