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11 Apr

Cartier Watches Trends & Predictions 2024

Cartier has always been the most challenging brand to predict because their strength isn’t restricted to traditional watchmaking. Cartier, also a grand jewellery designer, has created some of the most incredible gem-set pieces over the years. Remember Cartier’s Tutti Fruitti wristwatches, which are perfect for those cocktail dinners? Therefore, figuring out what the Maison has in store is quite the task.

But here we are, tackling the question of what Cartier has planned for us in 2024.

Imagine a Tiger-striped gem-set Cartier Crash or a Baignoire Allongée with a studded case. Is it too good to be true? Well, perhaps it is. So, instead of beating around the bush, we’ll make one ‘Big’ prediction for 2024.

2024 marks the era of the “CARTIER MAXI OVAL”

Why do we think so?

Since 2015, the Privé collection has been the ideal stage to tease out standout models like the Tonneau, Crash, Cloche, and Cintrée. In 2022, the introduction of the Pebble to the Cartier lineup, brought back one of the few shapes that Cartier hadn’t revisited since its original release, thus dismantling a 50-year-old trait. What is yet to return is the Maxi Oval.

2024 marks the 25th anniversary of one of Cartier’s most iconic and beloved watches, the Collection Privée Cartier Paris Tortue Monopoussoir. And, looking at how Cartier has released its recent creations, with few skeletonisations and sometimes complications, we’re due a renewal of Tortue. However, we’re still betting on a Maxi Oval.

The Cartier ‘Maxi Oval’ Will Make a Moment

Respecting the 30mm x 57mm sizing of the original 60s or 70s model, the Maxi Oval has an indelible wrist presence. It fits more like a cuff, similar to the Cintrée but with classic Swinging Sixties flare. If Cartier ever accepts this special request, it will definitely tweak the design to certain degrees to add a touch of modernisation.

What makes us say this is the Cartier Cintrée and the Cartier Crash that returned multiple times in varying forms. The 2017 Cintrée Skeleton and 2014 Crash Skeleton showed that the Maison doesn’t hesitate to experiment with historic designs.

Suppose Cartier releases the Maxi Oval in 2024. In that case, we expect to see it in platinum and yellow gold with a grey dial featuring grains (similar to last year’s Americaine) or a stunning Guilloche pattern like it was seen on the past Baignoire Allongée samples. Unlike the Roman markers in the previous design, they should probably have added Arabic numerals as hour markers on the dial. A few gem-set models and a skeleton piece will surely appeal to enthusiasts.


As we look forward to the future of Cartier watches in 2024, we anticipate an exciting journey filled with innovation, elegance, and exquisite craftsmanship. Collectors and enthusiasts eagerly wait to find out what’s in store, and we anticipate the revival of classic designs this year. It’s only a matter of time until Cartier unfolds its latest chapter in watchmaking innovation. Till then, keep your guesses coming!

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