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10 Jul

Top 5 Tudor Watches Of All Time

Did you know that Tudor was established by the same man who founded Rolex? Yes, it was Hans Wilsdorf who founded Tudor in 1926. But despite being a comparative child, the brand has successfully established its name in the realm of high-quality sports and tool timepieces.

Tudor can be summarised as a brand that nurtures creative freedom to create interesting timepieces. The watches not just gracefully straddle the fine line between style and functionality, but are a friendly alternative to Rolex in terms of the price tag. This is one of the key reasons why it has had a meteoric rise over the past few years.

With the value of the watches booming in the pre-owned market, it’s time you should invest in a Tudor so you can sell the watch at a good price later. If you’re curious about the models that have grown increasingly popular recently, here’s the list for you.

5 Tudor watches to consider when purchasing

1. Black Bay Fifty-Eight Ref. 79030N

The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Ref. 79030N is hands-down one of the best creations by the brand, having a wide appeal among watch buyers and enthusiasts alike. Many people considered this Tudor to be the best modern Tudor timepiece because of its small dimension, vintage-inspired design and matte black dial. It is the perfect everyday watch that you won’t mind wearing to your work or to the party after that.

How it looks?

  • The watch has a case diameter of 39mm crafted from polished stainless steel.
  • The wide sea blue bezel features white dive markings.
  • The blue dial matching the bezel is quite minimalist with no added complications or date window. Around the dial perimeter, there are tiny hashes representing the minute marks and thicker hashes representing the 5-minute positions. There are dot & baton hour markers and the signature ‘Snowflake’ hand.
  • At 3 o’clock, you can see a steel screw-down crown with an embossed Tudor logo. As long as the crown is secure, the watch offers a water resistance of up to 200 meters.
  • The watch is fitted to a riveted stainless steel bracelet, adding elegance and charm to the perfect sports timepiece.

2. Tudor Pelagos Blue Ref. 25600TB

While the Black Bay gets all the attention for its vintage charm, the Pelagos is what would immediately appeal to the modern tool watch-liking community. The Ref. 25600TB is a stunning Tudor 2015 release offering a water resistance of up to 500m. It surely is a diver’s gem. The deep-sea survivalist is robust and precise, and the feature that immediately catches notice is: the crown is on the left side. You can wear it on whichever wrist you want without feeling uncomfortable. Even the lefties won’t feel left out.

How it looks?

  • Sporting a sturdy 42mm titanium case with a satin finish, the Tudor Pelagos is a refreshing take on the classic vintage style.
  • The unidirectional rotatable titanium bezel has 60-minute graduations with a ceramic matte blue disc and graduations with white luminescent material.
  • It has an interesting blue shade dial featuring white index hour markers and a date display at 3 o’clock, adding to its versatility. Plus, it includes the Snowflake style hands that are a unique characteristic of the Tudor diving watches.
  • At 9 o’clock, there’s the titanium winding crown with the brand’s logo.
  • The titanium bracelet perfectly matches the titanium case and the blue hue dial adds a sportier feel to the overall feel of the watch. You get a complimentary blue rubber strap with it.

3. Tudor Heritage Black Bay Ref. 79220B

2012 was an important year for Tudor as it introduced the Heritage Black Bay model with Ref. 79220R. Soon in 2014, they came up with an advanced variation, the Tudor Black Bay Heritage Ref. 79220B, marking the start of a new decade for Tudor watches. It immediately got into the good books of the watch lovers. The B in the reference stands for ‘Bleu’ and denotes the blue elements of the timepiece, especially the blue crown tube and the blue bezel. What works for this watch is that it is sporty yet discreet at most times.

How it looks?

  • One of the best-made stainless steel watches with a case diameter of 41mm. It has polished sides and brushed lugs. Additionally, the lugs have sloppy edges which are a nod to the vintage Tudor timepieces. Remember the name ‘Heritage’ Black Bay.
  • The Ref. 79220B has an interesting ‘big crown’ with no crown guards. While this slightly compromises the crown’s protection, it certainly stands out aesthetically.
  • The rich matte black dial featuring Snowflake hands and dot & baton hour markers, looks stunning, particularly in the sunlight. You can appreciate the fine details and depth.
  • The watch has a unidirectional rotating midnight blue bezel that looks fantastic opposite the matte black dial. The colour is inspired by vintage Tudor dive pieces.
  • The Oyster-style steel bracelet makes it extremely versatile for every occasion.

4. Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner Ref. 7928

The Tudor Ref. 7928 has an uncanny resemblance to the Rolex Submariner but the rose Tudor logo brings a nostalgic vintage vibe to this timepiece. The brand released the 7928 in 1959 which went through several design modifications until finally it was discontinued in 1968. After the marine divers complained that the Big Crown would break off, Tudor released the Ref. 7928 with crown guards. It presents a variety of cases with different crown guards, ensuring you get to choose from a wide selection

Here’s the case & crown guard combination list:

  • Mk1 case with ‘Square’ crown guards
  • Mk2 case with ‘Eagle Beak’ crown guards
  • Mk3 case with ‘Pointed’ crown guards
  • Mk4 case with ‘Round’ crown guards

A few dial options you can choose from are:

  • Classic gilt dial with minute tracks
  • Matte black dials with white letterings and markers
  • Exclamation Dot dials

How it looks?

  • This handsome Tudor watch has a comfortable 39mm stainless steel case that looks great on the wrist.
  • There’s a bidirectional bezel with a black aluminium insert featuring a 60-minute scale.
  • The Ref. 7928 has a no-date display black dial with Mercedes-style hands. Below the words Rotor & Self-winding, the final text is printed in an upward direction, giving the image of a smiley emoji. This is why it is often referred to as the ‘Smiley Dial’.
  • The watch fits a stainless steel oyster bracelet.

5. Tudor Black Bay GMT Ref. 79830RB

Having a legendary presence of 60 years, the Black Bay GMT is one of the most sought-after Tudor models, taking inspiration from the first Tudor watches created for the French National Navy. The Black Bay GMT has a distinct appearance and meets the needs of precise timekeeping beneath the waves.

How it looks?

  • The model has a durable 41mm stainless steel case surrounding a bold black dial.
  • The steel bezel is bidirectional and flaunts a unique 24-hour graduated anodised aluminium disc with a blue and burgundy colour combination.
  • The satin black dial has Snowflake hands, a distinct red GMT hand, dot & baton hour markers and also a date aperture at 3 o’clock. The GMT function allows you to track multiple time zones.
  • The riveted stainless steel bracelet with a satin finish fastens to the wrist comfortably, making it perfect for diving with style and ease.


Tudor watches are timeless and certainly perfect for investment. From the iconic Black Bay to the contemporary Pelagos, the brand offers many options to choose from, each with significant features.

If you’re looking to buy one, the top 5 Tudor watches highlighted in this blog will surely cater to your taste. On the other hand, if you already own one of these excellent timepieces, you’ll be surprised to find out how much you can sell your Tudor watch for in the pre-owned market.

As Tudor continues to push boundaries by creating exceptional timepieces, we eagerly anticipate future releases that will surely join the ranks of these timeless classics.

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